In-Ceiling Cabling System

Plenum / Air-Handling Spaces

Antibacterial Cabling

Ideal for areas with greater hygiene requirements


KNX Sensor

Wide Range, High Bay, Corridor Applications



with stunning performance for all lighting applications

Home Wiring System

Total integration of future

Proofed home networking system.

LED Lights for Better Energy Saving

Smart Sensor for Intelligent Control

Structured Network Cabling

Complete solution of innovative connectivity products






Network Connectivity

EmCom offers total solution on structured cabling for premises, offices building and data center. Product range covers from Cat.5e, Cat.6 up to Cat.6A and Cat.8.1. We support customers on comprehensive structured cabling products from keystone jacks, field termination plug, IP68 solutions, patch panels, cable managements and wall outlets. EmCom’s products are verified by 3rd party laboratories like Force (former Delta), UL, ETL, 3P and GHMT in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 and ANSI/ TIA- 586-C.2. The products also complaint to PoEP according to IEC 60512-99-001: 2012 as well as to most updated 4PPoE according to IEC 60512-99-002 draft.


Sensor Automation

Our product range covers PIR presence detector, PIR motion detector, twilight switch, dual-tech (PIR+HF / PIR+Acoustic) detector, microwave (high frequency) detector, microwave module, LED floodlight with detector, ceiling mount LED light with detector, and DALI / KNX lighting management systems. As one of the major manufacturers in this industry, we continue to pursue up-to-date technologies and innovative product applications, providing our valued customers with outstanding and reliable products at competitive cost, and to ensure customers with satisfactory after-sales service. With a strong R&D team and well organized production facilities and QA system, we also welcome ODM/OEM opportunities to carry out the desired products tailored to customer requirements.