2023 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information Disclosure Statement

In order to enhance the transparency of actions to address climate change and fully demonstrate the progress of green development and low-carbon transformation, according to the "” Guidelines for Calculation Methods and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Industrial and Other Industrial Enterprises (Trial)", the main body of this report has calculated the annual greenhouse gas emissions and filled in the relevant information forms, and now discloses our company's 2023 greenhouse gas emissions information to the public:

1.    Basic information of EmCom Technology Inc factory :

  Factory Name   Dongguan  Elma Electronics Co., Ltd.
  Factory Address   No.7,Yin Hu Industrial District, Jiao Yi Tang,Tang Xia Town,Dong Guan City, Guang Dong, China
  Property   Limited liability company (foreign legal person sole proprietorship)
  Listed   No
  Social Credit Code   91441900618106595L
  Industrial   Manufacturing of electronic components
  Year of Reports   2023

2.    Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions shall be calculated based on the legal person and in accordance with the "Guidelines for Calculation Methods and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Industrial and Other Industrial Enterprises (Trial)". After calculatiing, our company's total greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 is 1,251.517 tons of CO2 equivalent.

3.    Greenhouse gas emission control

In 2023, the company has actively practiced the concept of green development, strengthened greenhouse gas emission control, energy saving and emission reduction, and strived to achieve green, high-quality and sustainable development.

The use of energy resources not only consumes the earth's resources, but also produces carbon dioxide and causes the greenhouse effect. Energy consumption is mainly based on the procurement of components and the use of electricity and water resources. The largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions also comes from them. In order to effectively reduce the environmental impact of the greenhouse effect, reducing the company's energy consumption is an important key. 

With the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, cost reduction, and environmental protection,  the company's energy management team has regularly reviewed and updated its environmental protection policies, and has established a complaint mechanism to respond to comments and suggestions on environmental protection monthly base to analyze energy consumption status  and continue reducing energy consumption.

Herein declare the 2023 Greenhouse Gas Emissions on products supplied PDF format Download:

Disclosure Statement of Carbon footprint is listed over the years:
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